PRF PE44T52N Luchtdrukreiniger Universeel 520 Ml

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PRF PE44T52N Luchtdrukreiniger Universeel 520 Ml van PRF

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Non-flammable powerful blower to remove dust and loose dirt. An effective and powerful blower to dislodge and remove damaging dust and loose dirt from wherever it may lurk and hard-to-reach places. Compressed air canister to clean electronic equipment, such as computers, keyboards, printers, radio- and TV-sets. VCRs, copiers, banknote counting machines, office equipment, clocks and watches, cameras, films, sewing machines, etc. Works with simple finger-press action.
Net content: 300 g

  • Capaciteit: 520 ml
  • Toepassing: Universeel
  • Type: Spray

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